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Image by Will Truettner
Full Time B-boys Still Making Big Noise

You know how the old saying goes…  “If you want something done right, do it yourself!” 

And that’s exactly what Foreign Legion has been doing since its commercial debut in 1998. Making music, the right way.  Making fans, the right way. Rocking stadiums, the right way. Snorting Tequila, the right way. Setting fire to hotel rooms, dressing rooms, green rooms, and restrooms, the right way. 

5 group albums, several solo projects, countless features,12 world tours and several paternity suits have been amassed over the years. The legend still grows as the statutes of limitations pass. Marc Stretch and Prozack Turner are still the svelte entertainment machine that teams such as Sigfried and Roy, have modeled themselves after for years.  

The boys are back in the lab and ready to get on the road to help you violate your probation. Feel free to bring your girl and your flask but know that you might not leave with either. 




Wix Records, 123-456-7890




Karen Blanche, 123-456-789




The Bookerz, 123-456-7890


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